At best, this is just a dairy shop with some bakery products but I assure you, no other shop will give you the quality like this one does.
Even the plain paneer you get here is a level above all the rest.
It's one of those shops that you know have a really good dairy supply and hence are able to give you such products.

A must try: The rassgullas. They have the perfect amount of softness and are of the perfect size.
The breads are equally well done and of it wasn't for the name I am so sure this place would have reached different heights.

Though I think the name is keeping them and their prices down to earth :-)

Just step in for any of the 'mithai' shop items and see the difference.

Forget everything else, this place is the best Rasgullas you can get in Delhi, if not North India. I have seem people from all over the country 'convert' after eating one of those. They are just perfectly spongy and with just a little bit of sweetness making it ideal for us. 

The shop serves a variety of sweets, pastries, snacks, namkeens etc. It has a large variety of breads to suit any fancy. The bakery products in general are good and better than most others in the area.

Gopala is a small food store located in DLF Shopping Mall. They were initially famous for their sweets like Rasgollas and dairy products like Paneer. Now they have brought Bakery Products, Namkeen, Snacks like samosas and other Indian savouries under their menu offerings as well. 

I often visit Gopala for its Paneer, Milk cake, Brownies and of course, their delectable Rasgollas. This stuff is unmatched with any other in Delhi NCR. High Quality @ Economical Prices .. Guaranteed!!

To Sum-It-Up: For Indian style snacks and sweets Gopala is your destination to be at. Don't miss the rasgollas. :)

I stay stones throw away, so you can imagine how well I know this place. Its just changed my way of looking at Indian sweets (wasnt a fan). 

Gopala is a small small mithai ki dukaan which has kept up with times and incorporated more than just kajoo burfi n khoya. Make a visit in the evening when everything comes in fresh and do pick the rasgulla- it is divine with just the right amount of sweetness. Its my fav.

For the non sweet ppl- pick the crispy pita and any namkeen from the assortment they offer. They have very good n cheap apple pies and brownies only for 40 rs I think. They even started selling pink ginger ale concentrate which was an absolute hit for the summers. Our festivals and Sunday chai ritual is incomplete without goodies from Gopala.